We are closed on 3rd March due to the inclement weather. Please follow our Facebook group for up to date information.

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School Times

The school times are: 9.05am to 3.10pm. 

Morning nursery times are: 08.45am - 11.45am

Afternoon nursery times are: 12.15pm - 3.15pm

If your child arrives after the above times, you will be asked to sign in the schools late book and this will be recorded on your child's attendance record.  

It is a legal requirement for you to sign the late book if your child is late to school.

If you are repeatedly late you will be asked to attend a meeting with your child’s class teacher and the Attendance Officer. If the lateness still doesn’t improve then you will be asked to attend a Attendance Panel with the Education Welfare Officer which could result in prosecution under Section 444 of Education Act 1996.


If you child is sick, you are to contact the school at the earliest opportunity on 01427 613483 using the automated service to record the reason for their absence.

You are Phone every day after the first day of absence if your child continues to be off.

If you don’t ring us by 9:30 a.m. we will ring you.

Keeping your child off school with minor ailments such as a headache or slight cold is not acceptable.

If you are unsure then please bring your child into school. We can assure you that if you make the class teacher aware then the adults in the classroom will constantly be monitoring your child and if they feel they aren’t well enough to be in school they will ring immediately for your child to be collected.

Medical/ Dental Appointments

Make routine dentist and doctor appointments after school or during school holidays where ever possible. If you have to make an appointment during school time, help your child to be at school for most of the day and let the school know about the appointment.

You will be asked for a medical certificate or appointment card if your child is absent due to illness or dental/medical appointments.