Paying for services




Procedures for Parents paying for services , trips or uniform at the main office




1. Staff will no longer be able to give change so please have the correct money.


2. All cash must be put into a sealed envelope with your signature on the seal at the back. Please note that you will be contacted within 48 hours if you have sent the incorrect cash amount.


3. The envelope must clearly state your name and the child’s name and the amount contained. Please also write on the envelope what you are paying for.


4. Cheques are still acceptable—these should be made payable to Hillcrest Early Years Academy unless you are paying for photographs or other instructions are enclosed.


5. If you bring cash to the office , you will be given an envelope to put it in and asked to follow the sealing procedure as outlined in point 2.


6. You will have to follow the envelope procedure however small the amount of cash handed over to the staff.


7. All money should be handed in at the main office. Please do not send it in book bags or give it to classroom based staff. If the main office is shut, then  it can be left in the principal’s office.


8.  Receipts are not routinely given for before and after school clubs, but can be sent home on request. Receipts will be given for money paid for large trips or a money collection card will be used when paying in instalments.



Thank you very much for your help with this.